Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why use PolicyPitch?

PolicyPitch provides a platform where people can pitch policy ideas and track local legislation. It holds politicians accountable by taking one step closer to full transparency. In effect, it helps bring the power to the people. You come up with the idea for new public policy or social change, we provide the collaborative tools to take action.

2. What does tracking mean?

Users can track individual policies, elected officials, and issue areas. When tracking a policy, you can pick to be notified once a day, week, or month on action regarding the particular item you are tracking. For example, if you were tracking House Bill 123 on economic development, the user could elect to be notified when the policy receives a vote for or against, when it receives a comment, or as it passes through the house and senate.

3. What state legislation can I currently track?

Right now, you can track official legislation filed in the state legislatures from Arizona, California, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Dakota, and Nevada. You can also track local policy and legislative proposals in all fifty states.

4. How do I pitch a policy?

In order to pitch a policy, you must be logged in. Once you are logged in, click the tab at the top entitled "Pitch Your Policy" and follow the 3 step process.

5. What should I do once I have pitched my idea?

The first thing you should do is share with your friends. After sharing, you can vote to support or oppose the policy, contact your elected official, and comment on the policy.

6. How much does it cost to pitch a policy?

Nothing. Pitching a policy is completely free.

7. How do I contact my local state representatives?

When you view an elected official's profile page or view a policy sponsored by that official, there is a "Contact" button under their profile picture. Clicking this button brings up a form that, once, submitted, automatically sends an email to that elected official. In addition, at the end of each day in which a user has taken action on a particular policy (voted, commented, etc.), PolicyPitch automatically sends an email to the sponsoring elected official, notifying them of their constituents thoughts.