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To:      Representative REAGAN


Re:      HB 2003 revitalization districts


Date:  April 28, 2010




HB 2003 passed the Senate on 3rd Read (21-6-3) and is listed on Blue Sheet 14.


As Passed the House (House Engrossed Bill)

Authorizes the creation of a revitalization district for the purpose of infrastructure development in one or more cities or towns, including a Tribal community.


Senate Amendments

·          Requires the governing body to notify the director of the Arizona State Retirement System if the District is dissolved and was an ASRS employer.


·          Prohibits a District from financing or in any way facilitating the acquisition, operation or construction of a sports stadium or related sports facility.


·          To increase the District’s tax rate above the maximum, requires a petition signed by at least 51% of the owners of the District’s net assessed value and signed by 51% of the District property owners.


·          Permits the District board to reduce or eliminate any portion of the tax by a simple majority vote.



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