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Forty-ninth Legislature

Second Regular Session






March 4, 2010


                                  SB 1041       state bonds; technical correction








                                  SB 1042       school bonds; technical correction








                                  SB 1043       tax anticipation bonds; technical correction








                                  SB 1044       tax notes; definitions; technical correction








                                  SB 1045       technical correction; budget report








                                  SB 1086       strangulation; suffocation; aggravated assault



Purpose (For more information see Fact Sheet): Classifies strangulation and suffocation as aggravated assault, subject to a class 4 felony.

For Bill: Paul Ahler, Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys' Council (02/24/2010); Rebecca Baker, Maricopa County Attorney's Office (02/24/2010); Jami Cornish, Self (02/23/2010); Bryan Ginter, Self (02/22/2010); Kendra Leiby, Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (02/24/2010); Brian Livingston, Arizona Police Association (02/24/2010); Mary Marshall, Arizona Criminal Justice Commission (02/24/2010); Kathleen Mayer, Pima County Attorney's Office (02/24/2010); Stephanie Mayer, Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence (02/24/2010); Robin Quinn, Self (03/01/2010); Danielle Rothleutner, Self (02/23/2010); Bryan Soller, Arizona State Fraternal Order of Police (02/21/2010); Jen Sweeney, Arizona Association of Counties (02/24/2010); Neil Websdale, Self (02/24/2010)

Against Bill: Dave Kopp, Arizona Citizens Defense League, Inc. (02/21/2010); John Wentling, Arizona Citizens Defense League (02/23/2010)





                                  SB 1160       counties; powers; technical correction

                                    (S/E:  schools; English language learners)


Purpose (For more information see Fact Sheet): Requires student scores on any required English language proficiency assessment be entered into the Student Accountability Information System (SAIS) and be available to school districts and charter schools. Allows for alternative models of English language learner (ELL) programs.

For Bill: Charles Essigs, Az Association of School Business Officials (02/24/2010); Jennifer Loredo, Arizona Education Association (02/24/2010); Janice Palmer, AZ School Boards Association (02/24/2010); Angela Philpot, teacher, Apache Junction High School (02/24/2010); Sam Polito, Tucson Area School Districts (02/24/2010); Jason Schnee, AEA (02/24/2010); Michael Smith, Arizona School Administrators (02/24/2010)

Against Bill: Doris N. Flax, League of Women Voters of Arizona  (02/24/2010); Bryan Ginter, Self (02/22/2010); Gini McGirr (02/24/2010)

Neutral: Art Harding, Arizona Department of Education (02/24/2010)





                                  SB 1351       appraisal management companies



Purpose (For more information see Fact Sheet): Requires an appraisal management company (AMC) to be registered with the State Board of Appraisal (Board) and outlines regulations and requirements.

For Bill: Elaine Arena,  (02/23/2010); Bill Barnes, Arizona Appraiser State Conference (02/05/2010); Joanna Conde, Self (02/16/2010); Jay Delich, Coalition of Arizona Appraisers (02/16/2010); Julie Friess, Self (02/23/2010); Elizabeth Hatch, Arizona Association of Mortgage Brokers (02/23/2010); Jack Lasota, Coalition of Arizona Appraisers (02/23/2010); Peter Martori, Coaltion of Arizona Appraisers (02/16/2010); Sue Miller, Coalition of Arizona Appraisers (02/23/2010); John Moody, Coalition of Arizona Appraisers (CoAA) (02/23/2010); Darcy Rich, Arizona Appraisers Who Care  (02/23/2010); Keith Russell, Self (02/16/2010); Ann Susko, Arizona Appraisers Coalition (02/23/2010); Ann Susko, Coalition of AZ Appraisers (02/16/2010)

Against Bill: Bryan Ginter, Self (02/22/2010)

Neutral: Stacey Langford, AZ Bankers Association (02/23/2010)








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“For” and “Against” data on bills is derived from information provided by the public to the Request to Speak system and is current as of the date listed.


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