Forty-ninth Legislature

Second Regular Session




Monday, February 8, 2010, 3:15 pm



House Rules provide for the use of a Consent Calendar to bypass Committee of the Whole and move unamended bills to Third Reading in order to expedite the legislative process.


Members may protest any bill being so advanced by submitting the protest in writing to the Chief Clerk (with a copy to the Speaker’s office) during the 3-day posting period.  Any protest will automatically remove the bill from the Consent Calendar.  All remaining bills are available for placement on a Third Reading Calendar.


The following bills have passed House Committees unamended.


Protest must be filed no later than  Thursday, February 11, 2010, 3:15 pm



BILL NUMBER    SHORT TITLE                                              COMMITTEE            COMMITTEE ACTION


HB2044              vicious animal assault; classification

                           SPONSOR:  MONTENEGRO                       JUD                          (6-0-0-2-0)


HB2065              ASRS; long-term disability appeals

                           SPONSOR:  BOONE                                    PERER                     (8-0-0-0-0)


HB2068              EORP; omnibus amendments

                           SPONSOR:  BOONE                                    PERER                     (6-0-0-2-0)


HB2069              county election law amendments

                           SPONSOR:  TOBIN                                      JUD                          (6-0-0-2-0)


HB2071              life insurance

                           SPONSOR:  MCLAIN                                    BI                              (5-0-1-2-0)


HB2081              department of water resources; continuation

                           SPONSOR:  MASON                                    WE                            (8-0-0-0-0)


HB2082              residential utility consumer office; continuation

                           SPONSOR:  MASON                                    WE                            (8-0-0-0-0)


HB2085              photo enforcement; citation issuance

                           SPONSOR:  MASON                                    TI                              (5-3-0-0-0)


HB2109              superior court; holiday hours

                           SPONSOR:  TOBIN                                      JUD                          (6-0-0-2-0)


HB2111              unclaimed property; traveler's checks

                           SPONSOR:  MCCOMISH                             COM                         (6-0-0-2-0)


HB2113              provisional community colleges; property transfer

                           SPONSOR:  KONOPNICKI                           ED                            (8-0-0-2-0)


HB2130              lead acid batteries; sale; fee

                           SPONSOR:  REAGAN                                  ENV                               W/D

                                                                                                COM                         (7-0-0-1-0)


HB2144              wildlife; guides; wasted meat

                           SPONSOR:  KONOPNICKI                           NRRA                       (7-0-0-1-0)


HB2153              homeowners' associations; public roadways

                           SPONSOR:  BARTO                                     GOV                         (8-0-0-1-0)


HB2197              school bus inspections; rules

                           SPONSOR:  WEIERS JP                              MAPS                       (6-0-0-2-0)


HB2307              Arizona manufactured firearms; regulation

                           SPONSOR:  MCLAIN                                    JUD                          (5-2-0-1-0)


HB2338              yellow lights; duration; photo enforcement

                           SPONSOR:  ANTENORI                               TI                              (5-2-0-1-0)


HB2383              national guard mobilization; border

                           SPONSOR:  SEEL                                        MAPS                       (5-3-0-0-0)


HB2407              municipal sales tax; utilities

                           SPONSOR:  ANTENORI                               WM                           (5-3-0-0-0)


HB2489              bonding; net premiums

                           SPONSOR:  YARBROUGH                           WM                           (5-3-0-0-0)


HB2539              employment; absence for military duties

                           SPONSOR:  GOWAN                                   MAPS                       (7-0-0-1-0)


HB2598              registrar of contractors; complaints.

                           SPONSOR:  BIGGS                                      COM                         (6-0-0-2-0)





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