FIRST READING OF BILLS BILL NO.SHORT TITLEREFERRED TO COMMITTEES ON: HB2001state monuments; repair fund; purpose.GOV HB2002stationary tow trucks; right-of-wayTI HB2003vehicle surfing prohibitedMAPS; TI HB2004inmates; tobacco useGOV HB2005streets; obstructions prohibitedTI HB2006schools; juvenile probation officersED HB2007CORP; return to workPERER; APPROP HB2008county procedures; technical correctionRULES HB2009counties; powers; technical correctionRULES HB2010license plate attachment and displayTI HB2011provisional community college districts; bondingED; WM HB2012community college bookstores; revenue expendituresED; APPROP HB2013community colleges; nonresidents; reimbursementED; APPROP HB2014municipalities; exchange of real propertyGOV HB2015county retiree health insuranceNRRA; PERER HB2016interpreters; licensure; exemptionGOV HB2017state personnel board; membersGOV HB2018writ fee; collection; courtsJUD HB2019state personnel; technical correctionRULES HB2020state employees; recognition; technical correctionRULES HB2021state institutions; technical correctionRULES HB2022forfeiture of office; technical correctionRULES HB2023technical correction; state facilitiesRULES HB2024law enforcement; duty fitness examinationMAPS HB2026peace officers; firearms; school groundsMAPS; JUD HB2027weapons; peace officers; posse; reserves.MAPS; JUD HB2028jury duty; motor vehicle parkingJUD HB2032vendors; government contracts; personal informationGOV HB2033city elections; runoff; vote totalJUD HB2034technical correction; ambulancesRULES HB2035technical correction; insurance; existing actionsRULES HB2036technical correction; financial responsibility; verificationRULES HB2037technical correction; insurance; uniform plansRULES HB2038technical correction; childrenRULES HB2039technical correction; public healthRULES HB2040technical correction; food standardsRULES HB2041technical correction; AHCCCS; capitation ratesRULES HB2044election dates; technical correctionRULES HB2047workers' compensation; technical correctionRULES HB2049exchange teachers; technical correctionRULES HB2050technical correction; trapping licenseRULES HCR2001superior court jurisdiction; technical correctionRULES ALL HOUSE MEASURES WHICH HAVE BEEN FIRST READ ARE REFERRED FOR PRINTING. ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER --------- First Regular Session Tuesday, January 13, 2009 ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER ---------