Arizona - HB2007 - technical correction; counties; vehicle refueling
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    TITLE: technical correction; counties; vehicle refueling
    FINAL DISPOSITION: Held awaiting First Reading
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  • HOUSE SUMMARY: 01/22/2009 CaucusCOW

    House of RepresentativesHB 2007CORP; return to workSponsor: Representative Konopnicki DPCommittee on Public Employees, Retirement and Entitlement ReformXCaucus and COW House Engrossed  HB 2007 allows a retired member to return to work while still receiving a pension so long as the member returns at least 12 months after retirement and returns in a position involving substantial direct inmate contact. History Created by the legislature in 1986, the Corrections Officer Retirement Planís (CORP) is one of three plans administered by the Public Safety Personnel Retirement System (PSPRS).  It is designed to meet the special needs of personnel engaged in the prison environment. Normal retirement commences after the member completes 20 years of service, the member attains age 62 with 10 or more years of service or the sum of the memberís age and years of credited service equals at least 80 points.  The monthly pension amount is determined by years of credited service multiplied by a factor of 2.5 percent multiplied by the average monthly salary. The legislature passed HB 2482 in 2006, which allowed retired CORP members to return to work in designated positions while still drawing their pensions so long as the employment occurred at least 90 days after retirement and involved substantial direct inmate contact.  Those members were also prohibited from contributing to the fund and from accruing credited service.  However, that provision was repealed on June 30, 2008.  This bill will allow those members to continue working. Provisions∑          Permits a retired member to be employed by an employer in a designated position while continuing to receive a pension if the employment occurs at least 12 months after retirement and if the employment involves substantial direct inmate contact.∑          Prohibits the member from contributing to the fund and accruing credited service.∑          Allows members who retired under a 2006 return to work window to continue working in a designated position under that law.   ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER ---------Forty-ninth LegislatureFirst Regular Session  2          January 20, 2009 ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER ---------

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    HOUSE SUMMARY: 01/16/2009 PERER 
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    REFERENCE TITLE: technical correction; counties; vehicle refueling




    State of Arizona

    House of Representatives

    Forty-ninth Legislature

    Second Regular Session




    HB 2007


    Introduced by

    Representative Konopnicki



    AN ACT


    amending section 11‑269.05, Arizona Revised Statutes; relating to county regulations.





    Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of Arizona:

    Section 1.  Section 11-269.05, Arizona Revised Statutes, is amended to read:

    START_STATUTE11-269.05.  Vehicle refueling apparatus

    Notwithstanding any other law and because the legislature finds it is a matter of statewide concern, a county shall not effectively prohibit the installation or use of a vehicle refueling apparatus as defined in section 43‑1086.01.† This section does not preclude a county from ensuring the proper installation of a vehicle refueling apparatus to protect public health and safety. END_STATUTE

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    Monday, May 18, 2009

    ARIZONA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVESForty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session THIRD READING CALENDAR   Monday, May 18, 2009   Bill Number     Short Title               Committee           Date             Action HB2007           CORP; return to work     SPONSOR:  KONOPNICKI     PERER                1/20/2009     DP                   (6-0-0-2-0)                                                        APPROP             2/11/2009     DP                   (12-0-0-1-0)                                                        RULES                3/16/2009     AMEND C&P  (7-0-0-1-0)                                                        COW                   4/7/2009       DPA HB2111           ASRS; amendments     SPONSOR:  BOONE               PERER                2/3/2009       DPA                (8-0-0-0-0)                                                        RULES                3/23/2009     C&P                (8-0-0-0-0)                                                        COW                   3/31/2009     DPA HB2265           child care facilities; licensure; exemptions                          (Now:  exemptions; licensure; child care facilities)     SPONSOR:  CRUMP               HHS                     3/4/2009       DPA/SE          (8-0-0-1-0)                                                        RULES                3/23/2009     C&P                (8-0-0-0-0)                                                        COW                   4/16/2009     DPA HB2366           property tax liens; redemption; foreclosure     SPONSOR:  MURPHY             WM                      2/2/2009       DP                   (5-0-0-3-0)                                                        RULES                2/9/2009       C&P                (5-0-0-3-0)                                                        COW                   3/24/2009     DP     ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER ---------Page 1 of 1 ---------- DOCUMENT FOOTER ---------
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